I realize that such a statement may sound unrealistic, especially considering that the media and most of the people around us seem to suggest the opposite, through their words and acts.

When you think about it, thought, what really matters is not the series of events that occur in a day, but rather the way we react to them, because this is what determines the trend of the circumstances that will take place subsequently.

The guide that you can download below will teach you how to see things from a different perspective, and will provide you with some tips on how to approach most events and turn their outcome to your advantage.

Although I offer it as free download, I would appreciate if you may consider a small donation, as a token of appreciation for my time and effort.

This is what some readers have to say about it:

None of us live without challenges of everyday life.  Sergio's book has helped me to live a life of tranquility by stopping for a few minutes everyday to slowly relax, adopt a new attitude that surmounts the trials of life.  His instructions on meditation are brief, very understandable and have made my life more tranquil, improved my personal relationships, helped me to focus on the blessings of life and more effectively deal with day to day challenges.  Many thanks to Sergio for this very concise and enjoyable book.
Aaron Ashcraft - Barcelona, Spain

The Deep Mind, as its subtitle states, is truly a Quick Guide To Gain Serenity.  Unlike other articles and books that I have read on meditation, The Deep Mind provides basic steps to follow in achieving a meditative state.  And these steps do work.  Being meditative is easier that other guides indicate, as they do not provide a practical approach.  The Deep Mind also provides interesting insights into the life of its author Sergio Bersanetti and his observations about life and what it's all about.  I recommend this book to anyone who wants more meaning and serenity in their lives.
Michael VanBruaene - Los Angeles  U.S.A.

I had been searching for a text which could help me in my spiritual quest since when, due to some events which caused suffering several years ago, I decided to review my life and try to see it in a different way. No reading was satisfactory until, some months ago, I bumped into 'The deep mind', and I immediately realized that it is a different book to any other. With extreme simplicity, Sergio points out the basic steps illustrated by the major authors in the field, from Tolle to Sibaldi, Dyer, Dale and others. The language is clear, it takes you by hand and it invites you to experience the described techniques. Most important of all, you get results, and fast! I would call it a small book with very important content, so much so that it has become an essential text in my library, and I reread it often.
Claudia Girolami Senigallia, Italy

Thanks for your attention, and enjoy the book!

Sergio Bersanetti (Sir Joe)